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La La Land:City of stars

2017 was the year when I was 18 years old, the year when I graduated from high school, and the year when “City of Love” was released.Before its release, all the major news media were flooded with news about it. The reason for its fame was that it had won 14 nominations for Oscar, equaling the record of the most nominations for single film in Oscar history (held by Titanic).In fact, at the beginning, I had some antipathy towards this film. I always hoped that what I liked was the best and unique. Yes, I just like Titanic too much. I don’t want anything to be with it in any form. So I didn’t plan to watch this movie at that time.

The turning point of things happened when a blogger I followed on my microblog said that he broke up with his girlfriend after watching “City of Love”. To be honest, I really can’t imagine that a movie will lead to a couple breaking up. I seem to hate this movie more, but at the same time, I feel a little curious.

The last lesson that afternoon was physics. The physics teacher stood on the platform and talked for a long time. Looking at us who were depressed and sleepy under the platform, he finally couldn’t help putting down his book and said in the same tone as usual: “You don’t like physics because you don’t understand it. In fact, physics is a very interesting subject…”.

Don’t like it because you don’t understand it?

After school that day, I still went into the cinema, with disgust and a little curiosity.I still remember my mood on the way home after watching the movie. I stand in a place with light, with sunset and wind blowing. The street lights were on in the long night, and the city became clear in the dim light. I suddenly wanted to turn into the clouds in the sky.What I regret most is that I didn’t bring my earphones, so I couldn’t cycle the movie soundtrack 15000 times on the bus.

“City of Love” is an American film directed by Damien Chazeley and starred by Emma Stone (playing Mia) and Ryan Gosling (playing Seba).The story takes place in contemporary Los Angeles. The lonely little actress Mia has the ambition of actress and playwright. She is addicted to old movie stars. She worked as a barista at Warner Brothers and often skipped the shift to audition. If she really received the play, even the smallest role would make her ecstatic.

Seba is a jazz pianist wearing a silk tie, who has a near-purist pursuit of art. He wants to open a club, but his obsession with jazz music seems to be more suitable for museums, because few people would like to spend money to listen to jazz music now.

The two people who also pursue dreams meet each other in this city, fall in love in singing and dancing, comfort and support each other, and pursue their lifelong dreams together.However, in order to survive, Saba had to join a pop band against his will and play with the music synthesizer in front of the screaming audience.At the same time, no one paid for Mia’s painstakingly finished play. The vague game between art and business, dream and reality also made their emotions face choices and tests.

After experiencing a series of setbacks and differences, they chose to pursue their dreams separately and alone.When they met a few years later, Seba opened a jazz bar as he wished, and Mia has become a famous actress.

“City of Love” is a film with a weak story. A few words can tell the whole story, which also leads to no matter how many spoilers do not hinder your perception. This is nothing more than the story of two young people floating in Los Angeles with dreams falling in love, encouraging each other, blocking reality and breaking up.

But the director tells such a simple story with unique light, shadow and lens, which makes people feel more sincere. The bright and bold color matching of the picture seems to fall into a dream.The two idealists met at their respective lows and encouraged each other to grow. Although they knew that the future would be far away, they were willing to pursue their dreams with the best expectations and memories of each other.

The most tender part of “City of Love” is that although the two lovers don’t come together, they can still live well each other, and they finally become the kind of people they want to be. You are not with the very good lover, but in the days when you are with the very good lover, you have actually become a better person, so you are now you.

For me, in this film, in addition to love and freedom, there is one thing that is also very valuable, that is, dream.Mia passed by the film set being shot, stared for a long time, and her eyes shone.

When Seba talked about wonderful and exciting jazz, he was confident and had a dazzling look in his eyes.

Everyone who has dreams and pursues bravely is shining. With things that make people feel hot inside, you want to join in again in countless difficult times, and you will never turn back.

I trace it all back

I will follow these mottled traces

to that

Find the original childlike heart

Her, and the snow, and the sand

In the dream, there was her and the snowy soil on the bank of the glacier

Smiling through it

Clear smile

She said

She said

She’d do it, Again

She will bravely jump into the cold river again.

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