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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This summer will eventually become the most unforgettable season for Matteo. No, I should say that it started in the spring when it was still a bit chilly.School life was still the same with the usual studies and parties. One night of partying and getting drunk, the next afternoon waking up to find that another day has passed. There is hardly a trace of it, nor a memory of it.Matteo is so depressed that he almost loses the desire to communicate.Then, one day, in the corridor, he meets a strange student.

From then on, he met a strange student in the corridor.Matteo learns that his name is David, that he is a new transfer student, that he has left his school for some reason, perhaps family, perhaps himself, and that his favourite city is Detroit.Knowing that there was a certain kind of same loneliness between him and him.

The first official conversation I could gnaw on

School seemed different too, Matteo could always find David in front of the cold rows of bookcases and greet him again with a smile.It was the following week when we spoke again in close proximity. Matteo invited David to his home as a thank-you for helping with the bus fare evasion.During this visit, Matteo learnt that David was good at drawing, that he wanted to make films after graduation, that David’s favourite film was Only Love Forever and that David’s favourite food was sandwiches.The two of them meet to play video games, but David suddenly leaves without saying goodbye, leaving a disappointed Matteo behind.

The weird sandwich they made together

On Friday, Matteo is asked to host a party at his house and is a bit shy but still has the courage to invite David.Spilling the beans on michelangelo’s detailed actingAt this party, he learns that the woman David has brought with him is called Laura and how sad he feels when he sees them getting close.He hides in his room, desperately trying to chase away the sadness and loss inside him with tobacco and music.But he soon learns after the party that Laura is David’s sister and that David has volunteered to stay and help Matteo clean up the messy venue.

He vaguely realises that David may have liked him.

An emotional matteo after learning that Laura is David’s sister

For his best mate Abdi’s birthday, Matteo offers to throw a birthday party. But before he can even attend the party, he slips away with David.He learns that David’s secret place is an abandoned swimming pool, that he can hold his breath longer than he can, that light kisses are good, that David hides and waits for things beyond his control, and that David leaves paintings as a goodbye.Their first date was at one of the school’s more remote activity venues. A day of sunbathing, table tennis, snacking and smoking was all it took.


Smoking and snacking and holding hands


Sitting quietly and listening to songs

Matteo is happy. He is a little shy and a little proud as he plays songs recommended by David at home and shares his feelings with his roommate.

Matteo shares his joy with his roommate Hans

But that night things took a turn for the worse when David suddenly texted that they were moving too fast and needed some time to cool down. Confused and anxious, Matteo rushes to his place to ask him what’s going on, only to be met with Laura’s (the aforementioned David’s sister) unceremonious refusal. To top it all off, David then sends a message – leave me alone, I don’t like you.

What life was like before he met David, Matteo doesn’t know. He only remembers what life was like after he met David, and now he is back to the life he had before he met David.

David had said that if something happened that fate could not control, he would run away, hide and wait. A man who hides and waits.

Matteo did exactly as he was told.

But as he had said to David earlier, being alone was actually bad, really bad.

He couldn’t remember how many days and nights he’d spent alone on the sofa chair in his room, or how many cigarettes he’d smoked, how many takeaways he’d ordered, how many times he’d looked at his broken and blacked-out phone.

He could not move, or rather could not move. When he did, the remnants of David in the room came to life.

Amira, his study partner, comes to help him with his biology, only to be pissed off by his junkie attitude; Jonas and his gang, his best friends, come to visit him, only to be angrily chased away by him; and finally Hannah, Jonas’ ex-girlfriend, who broke up with him because of himself, comes over. They share their respective fellow relationships and just how awful it is to be alone and still not know how to get out.

The turning point came when Matteo contacted a tobacconist to buy new tobacco. Instead of selling it straight away, the tobacconist gave Matteo a lesson.

Matteo had an epiphany.

He fixes his phone, asks Jonas out to talk, cleans up his room, clears up a misunderstanding with his ex-girlfriend Sara, goes to his ex Hans for answers, and confesses his sexuality to his best friend.Life is at least back on track, except that the man’s caricature is still hanging securely in his room.

The comics David sneaks in

With the help of a friend, Matteo gives David a straightforward ultimatum – stop sending me portraits if you don’t want to be with me.Instead, David turns up at Matteo’s house without warning.David didn’t want anyone at school to know until he met Matteo, but he didn’t have the courage to tell Matteo his secret until then. Matteo.Matteo is happy and confused, happy that David and he really like each other, but confused that if he is gay and David is trans, then what is his sexual orientation?

Hans asks – what do you like about David?

Matteo is silent for a moment, a smile creeps onto his face and his voice lightens up – I love his smile. Just, I don’t know, when I’m with him, I feel like someone finally understands me and it’s really so nice to be with him.Best confession of the year, or behind the person’s back

Hans said – that’s right, that’s the only thing that matters, everything else is secondary. Well, in that case, Matteo was about to make his move.He took the initiative and contacted David by phone to meet him, and confessed to his Christian mother that he liked David the boy.

The second confession of the year, still behind the person’s back

Everything would have been going great if the following hadn’t happened – a video of David arguing with his PE teacher about his gender was posted on the school’s student group.Matteo lost contact with David completely. Phone calls were unavailable, no one could be found at home and he missed his graduation PE exams.Although friends have been cheering Matteo on and showing support for David in their own various ways, David has never responded.David seemed to have followed his own words to the letter – run away, hide, wait, be alone.Where is David? For the first time, Matteo finds that all he can do is wait, and he doesn’t want to repeat that awful situation of waiting alone.But “if you think about it, it will come back to you”. Matteo finally finds the escaped David in the abandoned swimming pool.David is afraid of being bullied again at school for being a trans, but Matteo tells him with certainty that this will not happen.


Because I love you! Because I love you!This time it was David’s turn to understand.How does it end?The PE teacher admits his mistake, David graduates and Matteo retakes his exams. The 12 year olds have been together for 12 years and at the graduation ball they have the chance to spend their youth with impunity for the last time.At the graduation party everyone was asking what their plans were for the future, Matteo still didn’t know, he just felt that life was good now, and for sure, life was with everyone – living in the moment and finally being happy.

How perfect it is for me. Words are so powerless, and emotions are so raging. Just like cmbyn, no matter how much you write and how much you change the perspective, you eventually find that you can still only watch it quietly for the 800th time, crying and laughing like a madman standing for real life CP, only to find that after standing for real life CP you still can’t get out and can only stay in those individual corners permanently


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